Want to work with Farm? 

The cannabis industry is full of opportunity however no two companies are the same and there are many avenues to pursue so we feel obligated to share with you a couple details to bring your dream a little closer to the ground.

This is a job. Like a ‘show up on time, respect your peers, respond well to training’ kind of real-world responsibility.

We live our values every day, that means that accountability & personal growth are expected!

If you don’t love change, you won’t love it here.

You matter. Your work matters and your ideas matter. We want to guide our team to a place where the decision-making power is as close to the people as possible.

Sometimes we are faced with tough decisions and the direction forward isn’t always clear. This is pretty stressful and we expect staff to be able to roll with it, self-manage and enjoy the journey.

Trust is everything.  It takes time.  It’s an action-word.  It’s work.  We’re willing if you are.

You have to get a Criminal Record Check and take security seriously.

You’ve got to have some hustle in you – we LOVE a good burn however, we don’t endorse burnout culture in the workplace.

You should be able to feel comfortable with people who are different to you – our community is like nowhere else and that should excite you!

Boundaries baby. Every day. You won’t be sorry.

Practise respect – to where we came from, to what we don’t understand and to all that came before us.

Our values are directly visible in where our cannabis comes from. Farm works with growers who formerly participated in the mmar government growing program.

At the time, designated growers could take on multiple patients and grow a variety of strains.  Often, they would work closely with their patients to identify and produce strains that provided the greatest amount of relief from unique symptoms.

This was a pilot program that, when replaced with a more restrictive MMPR framework, caused quite a stir among active participants who had come to rely on their homegrown medicine.

Our present ACMPR framework for legally accessing medical cannabis was a result of the incredible Allard vs Canada class action lawsuit that paved the way for where we find ourselves today. 

Despite respecting Health Canada and the Province of BC’s approach to licensing producers and building an integrated supply chain, we still see value in maintaining the small scale micro-producers that thrived under the MMAR regime.  We have relationships with these growers, we know their facilities and we stand by their craft expertise.

Still want to work with Farm?

Great! Keep in mind that we really want to know how you think so when you apply, consider a unique approach.  We want to understand if you share our values and if you’ll contribute to our vision.  We’re looking for collaborative problem solvers so make sure to let us know how you approach projects, work with others and communicate.

Our hope is to have community representation at our shop and that staff will educate us as much as we educate them.  We call this a peer-approach and find that it is the essence of our training program.  As we move forward into legalization, we must collectively look to educate each other on the ‘new normal’ of non-medical access to cannabis.  This means having difficult conversations, making research accessible to a wider audience, sharing our personal experiences and addressing some of the assumptions that we hold.

How to Apply

Once you submit your application, someone from our recruiting team will review it and reach out to you directly if they’d like to schedule an interview. Whether or not we contact you your application will remain on file for future openings. Check out the link below for any current position openings.

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