What’s your normal?

Tune in weekly while we explore frequently asked cannabis questions!

Over the last few years, Farm has explored cannabis use on a community scale.  We’ve learned about the various methods of consumption, ideal dosing, histories of cannabis from individual perspectives and just how diverse & personal this plant can be.  Everyone has a story and storytelling is such a vital part of the cannabis movement.

We are interested in discussing how cannabis can be bridged across different cultural landscapes.  For example, a suburban family with teenagers will have a very different relationship to cannabis as an idea and item for consumption than a street entrenched drug user or someone from an immigrant community with a culturally different understanding of cannabis practise.

We gravitate toward this kind of conversation and have built our model around exploring how to better understand these experiences.  This includes: listening, connecting a peer approach with research and public engagement to uncover the intersectional dimensions of what constitutes ‘normal’.

Farm approaches the business of cannabis through the lens of our values.  This means that while yes, we do indeed sell cannabis, we also spend quite a bit of time considering the cannabis community we are building and the impact of our choices.  We believe that our practises shape our culture and this matters to us.

Farm strongly encourages a public health approach to legalization and would like to welcome questions, comments and suggestions from the public on what responsible use looks like to them.

This will take time and many difficult conversations but we’re keen!

Farm is interested in educating the public on “the new normal”

What IS normal?

We want to find out and that includes YOU!

It’s not often that we experience a cultural shift like the legalization of cannabis.  Guiding the public to understand how this will affect them requires cannabis leaders to be ambassadors to “a new normal”.  For reference, think about all the bad etiquette that came with cell phones and social media. Now imagine legal and unregulated public cannabis consumption – yikes!

What can we do?

We can agree upon a shared Code of Conduct and produce a culture that is balanced across our Four Pillars of Wellness.  This offers us as a team (as well as the public!) a foundation to reference for what legal, recreational cannabis could look like.  On top of this, we can continue to develop our unique and special cannabis practises knowing that we are grounded in a shared set of values.

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